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Being at home is easy for me. Being stuck at home indefinitely is challenging to say the least. I’ve spent a lot of time alone and have truly loved the space to read, write, practice and develop my work. Going out to teach classes or holding them in my home studio has always been one of the main ways I connect with other people. That all changed last week.

Plans for teaching classes here at Cloud Hall in Rose Bay and in Halifax at The Pilates Barre Halifax required an immediate press of the pause button and I had to get nimble in my brain and on my feet.

I realized that I needed to convince people that working with me online was a viable option, so I decided to follow my gut and offer my classes online free for a period of time. I wanted people to learn how to use the Zoom software and realize that they could get the benefit of the work I offer wherever they are!

Right now we all need some kind of community even if it is a flat screen. We need practices that are gentle enough for us to feel safe and challenging enough to remind us of our resilience, our adaptability and our humanity.

For me that’s what my yoga and Pilates practice does . It reconnects me with myself, it quiets down my overthinking brain, it calms my fight or flight response and it is a commitment to myself of showing up no matter what.

Sometimes that’s not an easy thing to do for yourself. So my job as I see it is to create a space where you can relax, reset and restore, and now that place is online at “CLOUDhall."

I have a group of students that have worked with me over the years and embarked on an experiment in January of participating in a program called Core Sense.Everyone, including myself was delighted to realize that this new online teaching paradigm was in fact workable and effective.

So when the call to hunker down and physically distance myself from my community came,I realized that in every situation as bad as it may seem is the seed of a new possibility.

I was already teaching on Zoom and the rest..well we’ll see where it goes.

It is my honour to have all of you embarking on this experiment to attend live classes online.

I’ll be offering a few more interesting additions in the next few weeks and I’d love if your spread the word to your friends. I’d like to build this online community and share more people’s work other than my own through this medium.

Please help spread the word and invite your friends to the gathering at