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Heather's classes are empowering; to finally begin to understand and appreciate the mechanical workings of one's physical body better and how to help it through mind to body "re-programming of the software."  It is possible to break decades-old, often counterproductive, coping mechanisms usually wrongly adopted after an injury or as one ages.


I knew in theory "everything's connected" in our bodies but now I understand better how it actually is in practice.


Heather has a unique way to show us proper movement—through carefully chosen metaphors, humour, skeletal examples, props, drawings, our own trial and error, and only the most occasional, minimal hands-on help.


This is not an aerobics class where you passively follow Simon Says but it can be exhausting all the same. The objective here is Proper Movement which sounds like it should be easy. But it's not if you have to get rid of ingrained bad habits and train your awareness so your brain can re-learn how to send the proper signals to your muscles and bones—not unlike an infant learning to roll over, for example.


I know Heather to be a life long learner in this field. Each season (I've taken her classes for 10 years) the instruction just gets better and better.

Heather your classes have made me so much more aware of the way my body functions right from the importance of stimulating the nerves and joints in my feet to opening up the scapula, to proper breathing

 I always feel like a new woman when I leave your studio. Thank you for sharing your vast scope of knowledge on wellness with us.

I love your teaching style and your depth of knowledge. I like the fact that you keep learning about all this body stuff and, I like your lack of dogma!