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Working with Me

The purpose of my work is to connect the mind to the body so that you learn to move better, with less tension and greater ease. I use tools from a wide range of movement modalities. Pilates, yoga, somatics and slings myofascial training. The body is the hardware and the software is your mind, especially  the part that senses your movement. This is where we can encourage the body to change itself. Change can happen at any

age. Not only will you learn to work smarter and deeper, you will learn to notice what sorts of movements make you feel better , more relaxed and more present in your life. Please join me... I look forward to being your guide.

Pilates has been my passion after injuring myself doing yoga almost twenty years ago. The resistance of Pilates combined with the mindfulness of somatics is a perfect combination to educate the body and calm the mind. I focus on essential movement skills such as breathing, sensing gravity, core support and release techniques that rebalance the body no matter what the age or issue in the tissue. The process I utilize in classes , workshops and private sessions is to release and rebalance and then activate and integrate the movement basics into functional movements which occur in daily life.

Private one-on-one sessions in Rose Bay at Cloud Hall Studio

Classes in Rose Bay (seasonally) and Halifax (October-May)

Online classes offered in Cloud Hall Modern Exercise Training virtual studio

Workshops focusing on helping work with a troublesome body part or sharing information with teachers and other therapists and movement educators.

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My sessions are trauma-informed and I hold myself to a high standard of professionalism and train and practice what I teach.