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Free Live Online Classes

Sunday April 5

4-5pm (GMT-3)   Therapeutic Pilates at The Pilates Barre

Monday April 6

10-11am (GMT-3)    Yoga

Tuesday April 7

10-11am (GMT-3)   Pilates Core

Wednesday April 8

10am-11am  (GMT-3)   Yoga

4-5pm (GMT-3)   Therapeutic Pilates at The Pilates Barre

Thursday April 9

Friday April 10

10-11:30am (GMT-3)   Yoga + Guided Relaxation


Free Online  Yoga ......Pop Up Pilates.....Therapeutic Exercise

Yoga is the practice of creating more space inside your body, mind, and heart so that you can transform tension into awareness and worry into hope, and fear into love.

I've been teaching therapeutic exercise classes online for the last four months, in my virtual studio through Zoom. It's an easily learned and adaptable program that lets us see, hear and witness one another.

It's been a learning curve to switch from teaching in the studio to teaching clients on the other end of the screen. With the feedback of my committed friends and clients, we've worked out a new way forward.

I have a unique approach that is the culmination of over thirty years of practice, study and working with all types of people. What's different is that my classes help you learn about your body. They help to deconstruct movement and find where there could be more freedom or more support. For instance, lately, we've been working with getting more awareness and mobility in the upper rib cage, and spine and learning the importance of the movement of the collarbone in all movements of the arms and shoulders, like dog pose, plank pose, and four-point kneeling.

I'm like a tour director for your body, guiding you to places that you may not have visited before.


Most importantly I hold the space for you to feel something different, to create new connections which ultimately will create better coordination, balance, posture, and strength.

The importance of a yoga practice is what it shows you about yourself. It's a safe haven to find the support of the earth, the support of the breath and the support of focused awareness.



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