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Therapeutic Movement Training Online

Starting  Tuesday Jan 7, 11 am AST.

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Come learn how to sense your spine and position it in an optimal position to activate core support. This four-week training will help to reinstall your movement software. You'll need some props to facilitate the process and to practice the exercises.

You'll get a recording of each class which will help practice the techniques presented in class.  If you miss a can watch it later.

By the end of this session, you will be able to identify what your core is, what it does and most importantly how to sense it to facilitate better posture, more ease in movement and more resilience.  The videos are yours to study and deepen your understanding of this essential system of the body.

My classes are a contemporary exploration of the connection between mind and body. A unique blend of Pilates, Slings Myofascial Training , Somatics, and therapeutic exercise, benefits include better posture and balance, reduced pain, and more ease in the activities we engage in for pleasure and recreation.

I have been interested in exploring the frontiers of movement since my feet first hit the ground. As a lifelong athlete, I was a member of the Canadian Equestrian Team in my twenties. Subsequently went on to teach yoga, Pilates, and study massage therapy. I continue to train, study and refine my own body awareness and passionately share this with my students. I love hiking with my dogs, biking and swimming as daily movement meditations.

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