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Core Sense Therapeutic Movement  Lessons do three things:


  • help you understand your body and how it works

  • teach you how to practice essential foundational movement skills

  • support you in integrating these skills into yoga, pilates, and life


These lessons are geared towards you if you are curious and motivated to take control of your movement capacity and elongate your healthspan. 



Growing older... and better


Very often we mistakenly attribute aches and pains and resulting dysfunction on “getting old”. But...


If you think of your body as a computer. When your computer is acting up you don’t throw it out, instead, you reload the software. This is what Core Sense does. It fixes the bugs in the communication system between your brain and body and restores freedom of movement.



Most of us have blind spots in our bodies. When the brain senses a part of the body is poorly organized it creates tension in that area to lock the movement down to protect the joints so they don’t move too far too fast. So you can massage, release or stretch it, but the tension will not permanently resolve until the communication is restored.


In Core Sense, we do this with movement. Many of the exercises we do improve brain function by engaging the coordination and motor learning parts of the brain. 


Where there is tension in the body there is confusion. Where there is confusion there is restricted movement and dysfunction.


Core Sense is a unique blend of somatic, pilates and yoga exercise using props to encourage the integration of self-study with movement training which balances the body’s posture and function which creates healing potential. In other words…HOPE!


The beauty of the Core Sense process is that there are no movements that are too difficult to do, however, the challenge is to be able to feel what you are doing.


You‘ll notice that you can do the movement on one side of your body and the other side is completely offline. Somatic educator Thomas Hanna called this “sensory-motor amnesia”.


Core Sense helps you find the missing connections resolving the misunderstanding between the brain and body that show up in the form of tension, pain, and dysfunction.


There are three or in-person


Module One…. The Breath and The Core.


In this module, we’ll explore how tension in our breathing patterns creates a lack of uniform core engagement and practice awareness exercises that help restore breath. The role of the hip and ankle is key to better balance and posture. You’ll learn how to find your inner support system.


Module Two…The Ribs, the Shoulders and Neck


Once we’ve developed a solid foundation of the feet and pelvis we’ll explore the relationship between the spine, the ribs, and the shoulder blades to build a solid foundation for arm movement. We’ll learn how the shoulder moves and how to replace tension in the neck and upper shoulders with fluid movement. We’ll introduce safe and supported resistance exercises with bands and weights in this module.


Module Three…Lifted


Now that we have created a solid foundation of core stability and organized shoulder movement we’ll move on to learning how to safely lift weights while maintaining an elongated and stabilized spine. Here’s the module where we get into some of the more traditional exercises you find in yoga, Pilates and fitness. By now you’ll have the underlying stability and movement intelligence to perform them with ease. This will enable you to build muscular strength which is an important component of improving healthspan.



Now What?


Each module consists of four 1.5 hour lessons that can be done by

  • Face-to-face class setting 

  • Online class setting

  • Private face-to-face setting

  • Private online setting

There are benefits to each option. Obviously, if you live too far away the online option is preferable and you get continuous access to the recording of your program done through the Zoom platform. 


You can sign up for successive modules online.


Each module is $100. You’ll need to buy props and will be sent a list upon request or registration.

Videos that support this work can be found on my YouTube Channel Cloud Hall.

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